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General Liability

Include protection for operation occurences

Coverage for all kinds of incidents

Sometimes you can’t prepare enough

Liability insurance is financial protection in case a person or property for which you are responsible causes or incurs damage. There are an infinite amount of liability coverages you may need.  Allow our advisors to custom tailor liability coverage for your operations.

Liability coverage is there in case you encounter a situation for which your business will be held responsible. 

Shopping for Commercial Liability Insurance?

Shopping for Commercial Liability Insurance?

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The main categories that for which we write General Liability:

  • Non-staff Injuries that occur at your location
  • Product Liabilities
  • Completed Operations
  • Cyber Liability

General Liability is a part of the overall program that we put together for businesses that we advise.

  • Any Operation
  • Any Location
  • No Minimum or Maximum Exposure
  • Any Needed Ancillary Coverage